Julia in Lavender {Class of 2016 Virginia senior photographer}

I have had one of the worst years in my whole life so I am so far behind in my blogging. I want to apologize to everyone for that. But I somehow managed to get through the year–mostly–and I’m trying to catch up right now!

Julia is one of the most wonderful young women I’ve ever known. We’ve known her since the girls were in 4th grade (maybe earlier) as she played soccer with my daughter and both have the same initials and similar first names (Julia & Juliet) so soccer was also funny. When Julia wasn’t able to continue in soccer she started getting into art and her artist themed session is so gorgeous! And I’ll post that one next!!

First, though, we had a session almost a full year ago in a lavender field in Crozet on the property of a very lovely woman–and talented photographer herself! These are some of my all-time favorite photos I’ve ever taken. Poor Julia had a flat tire on the way to the session, and lovely Maddie (another senior model) helped by picking up Julia off 29 and getting her home to get another car while Julia’s mom stayed with the car waiting for help. That meant, unfortunately, Cyndi had to miss the session, but we made up for that during the artist session!

What struck me is that I expected a frazzled Julia for her session but she looked amazing and we had a great time laughing and enjoying a gorgeous sunset. I’m so happy she made it and we were able to get the lavender session in because she was a perfect fit for it in my opinion! I wish you all the luck in the world, Julia, as you go on to study engineering. You are amazing and I will miss you!

IMG_3231 copyIMG_3238 copyIMG_3244 copyIMG_3247 copyIMG_3253 copyIMG_3258 copyIMG_3260 copyIMG_3263 copyIMG_3273 copyIMG_3279 copyIMG_3291 copyIMG_3294 copyIMG_3305 copyIMG_3307 copyIMG_3315 copyIMG_3321 copyIMG_3333 copyIMG_3342 copyIMG_3345 copyIMG_3353 copyIMG_3373 copyIMG_3385 copyIMG_3399 copyIMG_3412 copyIMG_3427 copyIMG_3437 copyIMG_3452 copyIMG_3468 copyIMG_3471 copyIMG_3482 copyIMG_3489 copyIMG_3494 copyIMG_3503 copy


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