Julia: An Artist’s Portrait {Ruckersville Senior Photography}

As I said in Julia’s previous post she is an incredible artist. When we were trying to nail down her themed session, as a senior model she gets the chance to do an extra themed session, we started with the “Pirates of the Caribbean.” It would have been awesome, I’m sure, but then we came up with an artist session idea, and I think she nailed it. I cannot draw a straight line even with a ruler so I’m in constant awe of the amazing young artists we have at William Monroe, and I’m so glad we had the chance to showcase her abilities with her themed session! Plus, her mom was able to make it to this session. Yay!

The log cabin sits on a farm in Greene County owned by an amazing teacher at the high school. It was her grandmother’s home and they had no idea about it until they saw the old home being torn down one day and saw the cabin’s planks. The family quickly contacted the company and purchased the remaining pieces and created this lovely pavilion on their current property. Love it!

DJ3A2548 copyDJ3A2551 copyDJ3A2587 copyDJ3A2659 copyDJ3A2674 copyDJ3A2720 copyDJ3A2741 copyDJ3A2758 copyDJ3A2764 copyDJ3A2777 copyDJ3A2785 copyDJ3A2790 copyDJ3A2797 copyDJ3A2833 copyDJ3A2837 copyDJ3A2841 copyDJ3A2842 copyDJ3A2843 copyDJ3A2847 copyDJ3A2850 copyDJ3A2858 copyDJ3A2874 copyDJ3A2882 copyDJ3A2894 copyDJ3A2897 copyDJ3A2901 copyDJ3A2907 copy

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