Hannah Sports Goddess {William Monore Senior Portraits}

Trying to get caught up on 2016 seniors between the consultations with Class of 2017 seniors! I love this job! Spending last fall with Hannah on the softball diamond and in the gym for basketball, I had the best time! She was so willing to try anything and my all-time favorite sports photo is the one where she’s doing a pushup on two basketballs. Think that’s easy? Try it! 🙂

See here for her first senior session! More to be blogged!

IMG_2726 copyIMG_2735 copyIMG_2738 copyIMG_2771 copyIMG_2780 copyIMG_2793 copyIMG_2802 copyIMG_2816 copyIMG_2884 copyIMG_2967 copyIMG_2969 copyIMG_2983 copyIMG_2991 copyIMG_3001 copyIMG_3003 copyIMG_3007 copyIMG_3010 copyIMG_3011 copyIMG_3017 copyIMG_3023 copyIMG_3032 copyIMG_3037 copyIMG_3057 copy


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