Cap & Gown Sessions {Class of 2016 senior portraits}

Today I am at freshman orientation with my daughter, Juliet, so it seemed like a good idea to post the Cap & Gown sessions for the Class of 2016! These kids hold a really special place in my heart and they always will!

Had  a fabulous time with our college reveal & cap and gown sessions this year! I WILL be hosting these again next spring!!

Alexis-Stuarts Draft High School

Sweet, Alexis, I adore you!!

DJ3A3740 copyDJ3A3742 copyDJ3A3748 copyDJ3A3749 copyDJ3A3750 copyDJ3A3759 copy

Amber-William Monroe High School

I am going to miss this young lady so much!! I have no doubt she is going to change the world!

DJ3A3689 copyDJ3A3693 copyDJ3A3694 copyDJ3A3699 copyDJ3A3702 copyDJ3A3706 copyDJ3A3711 copy

Julia-William Monroe High School

This sweetheart is heading into Engineering! I wish you nothing but success love!

DJ3A3924 copyDJ3A3928 copyDJ3A3932 copyDJ3A3956 copyDJ3A39282 copyJK2 copy

Juliet-William Monroe High School

Part of my heart will be heading to another part of Virginia this fall. But honored I was chosen to be her mom!

DJ3A3913 copyDJ3A3917 copyDJ3A3918 copyDJ3A3938 copyDJ3A3940 copyDJ3A3943 copyDJ3A3944 copyDJ3A3945 copy

Kelly & Jordan-Best Friends-William Monroe High School

Often life likes to throw curve balls, and it’s how you handle them that shows your true character! Kelly had a little one thrown at her at the start of her senior year but with support and love she managed to get her degree, and together with her best friend, will be taking classes at Longwood! I am so happy for her!!

DJ3A3765 copy

DJ3A3770 copyDJ3A3775 copyDJ3A3779 copyDJ3A3781 copyDJ3A3783 copyDJ3A3784 copyDJ3A3785 copyDJ3A3786 copyDJ3A3787 copy

Paige-William Monroe High School

Gah this girl is going to do big things in the future! I can’t wait to watch her grow into the woman she’s becoming!

DJ3A3712 copyDJ3A3717 copyDJ3A3723 copyDJ3A3724 copyDJ3A3726 copyDJ3A3729 copyDJ3A3732 copyDJ3A3735 copy

Taylor-William Monroe High School

Bright future coming to you, Taylor!

DJ3A3866 copyDJ3A3868 copyDJ3A3870 copyDJ3A3875 copyDJ3A3878 copyDJ3A3880 copyDJ3A3885 copyDJ3A3888 copyDJ3A3902 copy

Toby-William Monroe High School

I can hardly believe you’re off to college, too, Toby! Wow, time flies!

DJ3A3828 copyDJ3A3837 copyDJ3A3840 copyDJ3A3843 copyDJ3A3844 copyDJ3A3851 copyDJ3A3854 copyDJ3A3855 copyDJ3A3857 copyDJ3A3861 copy

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