Adding Motion {Image challenge}

Each month We Are the SEEN creates image challenges. This spring wasn’t an easy one for me but I was able to get three done! This was the first one–adding motion to images. Ani is a Class of 2017 senior model (can’t wait to get to her sessions!) and I’ve photographed Laura (Class of 2018) several times over the years. I adore both of these girls tremendously.

It had been months since I had picked up my camera for actual portraits versus sports teams and action so I struggled a little to find my groove and it had nothing to do with these girls. They are two of the sweetest young ladies I have ever met!

However, most of the images that included motion just weren’t up my standards, so I will be practicing that more often!

IMG_7775 copyIMG_7683 copyIMG_7686 copyIMG_7692 copyIMG_7697 copyIMG_7703 copyIMG_7706 copyIMG_7713 copyIMG_7714 copyIMG_7719 copyIMG_7836 copyIMG_7800 copy

One thought on “Adding Motion {Image challenge}

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