JMU Class of 2016 {College Graduation Portraits}

I’d like to interrupt this high school graduation blog love to add a first for me: college graduation portraits! Elizabeth was the first high school senior I ever photographed (and only so-so might I add) and with that I fell in love with this new creative job! I spent hours, days and years studying and growing (still trying out new fun things every day) so when she asked me if I’d take her graduation photos from James Madison University I couldn’t wait!! We had a great day, sunny and warm–but not terribly hot. Coincidentally it was the last time I saw the sun for a month–thanks Mother Nature!

Ashley and Elizabeth were roommates at JMU and there are certain iconic photos they’ve wanted since they were freshman and saw the other seniors taking graduation photos. I was happy we could make them all work–even if we had a to wait awhile to get some in front of the buildings.

DJ3A5850 copyDJ3A5856 copyDJ3A5874 copyDJ3A5881 copyDJ3A5884 copyDJ3A5893 copyDJ3A5908 copyDJ3A5912 copyDJ3A5914 copyDJ3A5919 copyDJ3A5928 copyDJ3A5962 copyDJ3A5970 copyDJ3A5976 copyDJ3A5995 copyDJ3A5996 copyDJ3A6005 copyDJ3A6011 copyDJ3A6032 copyDJ3A6044 copyDJ3A6110 copyDJ3A6113 copyDJ3A6133 copyDJ3A6140 copyDJ3A6161 copyDJ3A6168 copyDJ3A6173 copyDJ3A6196 copyDJ3A6198 copyDJ3A6209 copyDJ3A6211 copyDJ3A6221 copyDJ3A6231 copyDJ3A6244 copyDJ3A6253 copyDJ3A6264 copy

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