Not all who Wander are Lost {Themed photoshoot}

Juliet chose gypsy for her themed photoshoot and we had a gorgeous (BUT HELLISH HOT) day to hold her session! Thank you to MacKenzie for Juliet’s makeup! ON POINT!

I felt the gypsy post would work best while she’s traveling this summer!

The crystal ball is one that I gave to her father while we were dating at Virginia Tech.

Her regular session is here

IMG_6109 copyIMG_6122 copyIMG_6127 copyIMG_6128 copyIMG_6130 copyIMG_6134 copyIMG_6138 copyIMG_6143 copyIMG_6146 copyIMG_6148 copyIMG_6149 copyIMG_6158 copyIMG_6165 copyIMG_6190 copyIMG_6202 copyIMG_6211 copyIMG_6216 copyIMG_6218 copyIMG_6223 copyIMG_6225 copyIMG_6235 copyIMG_6254 copyIMG_6262 copyIMG_6269 copyIMG_6273 copyIMG_6283 copy


One thought on “Not all who Wander are Lost {Themed photoshoot}

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