Woodland Goddess {Themed Senior Photoshoot}

Paige chose a woodland goddess theme for her special model themed photoshoot. And she KILLED IT! Thank you Kenzie for the makeup and hair…she looked amazing. And thank you Liz for the location!  We decided to add another outfit on the fly and she looked adorable and a bit vintage. HAD THE BEST TIME with Paige 🙂 Will miss her while she’s at college but I’m so proud of the woman she’s become!

Her regular senior session is here.

I love coming up with ideas and props and locations for these special themed photoshoots and Class of 2017 and I are already brainstorming incredible ideas! I cannot wait!


IMG_6293 copyIMG_6294 copyIMG_6297 copyIMG_6300 copyIMG_6302 copyIMG_6311 copyIMG_6313 copyIMG_6318 copyIMG_6319 copyIMG_6323 copyIMG_6326 copyIMG_6330 copyIMG_6334 copyIMG_6339 copyIMG_6344 copyIMG_6356 copyIMG_6366 copyIMG_6368 copyIMG_6378 copyIMG_6381 copyIMG_6383 copyIMG_6386 copyIMG_6388 copyIMG_6409 copy

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