Kick the Dust Up {Western themed photoshoot}

Amber loves horses so she chose a western theme for her special senior session! We had a great time, the lighting was fabulous and taking photos with horses (especially someone who doesn’t ride all the time) isn’t easy! But I really love these!

Check out her swimming session, her regular senior session and her GIRLBOSS sessions!

IMG_8161 copyIMG_8163 copyIMG_8165 copyIMG_8169 copyIMG_8172 copyIMG_8175 copyIMG_8178 copyIMG_8180 copyIMG_8183 copyIMG_8186 copyIMG_8188 copyIMG_8198 copyIMG_8204 copyIMG_8215 copyIMG_8226 copyIMG_8230 copyIMG_8234 copyIMG_8237 copyIMG_8238 copyIMG_8290 copyIMG_8389 copyIMG_8399 copyIMG_8405 copyIMG_8408 copyIMG_8432 copyIMG_8441 copyIMG_8452 copy

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