July 4th Senior Model Photoshoot {Class of 2017 Senior Photographer}

Happy July 4th from France! I planned this trip so strangely…we miss our Independence Day and then we come home before France’s so we’re missing all the excitement. But, still, we’re in France so no complaints, really!

I wanted to have a chance to get the Class of 2017 senior models together for a fun photoshoot before I left so I’d have the chance to introduce them! Two couldn’t make it but that’s OK! More to come when I’m home.

If you know any of these ladies they will have a way for you to save money on your senior photos!! October weekends are almost completely gone so if you’re thinking fall get in touch with me ASAP at terrybeigie@gmail.com!!

I can’t wait to spend time with the Class of 2017. I will miss the Class of 2016 but I know the kids from 2017 rock so I can’t wait to get together and plan your sessions. I’m ready to tell YOUR story with your senior photos!

Meagan-Madison County High School

I have photographed Meagan’s cousins a bunch of time and I love that! Her eyes are the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. She’s a joy!

DJ3A9435 copyDJ3A9536 copyDJ3A9535 copy

Kirsten-William Monroe High School

Kirsten is a photographer in her own right, too! She’s gorgeous and her themed session is going to rock this world! Can’t wait!

DJ3A9455 copyDJ3A9498 copyDJ3A9514 copy

Kristin-William Monroe High School

I’ve known Kristin for so many years! I took her sister’s senior photos a few years ago and I’m so happy to take her photos this year (though I find it hard to believe she’s a senior!). I cannot wait for her athlete sessions!

DJ3A9467 copyDJ3A9481 copyDJ3A9490 copy

Karin-Albemarle High School

Karin is an incredible photographer! And I’ll be mentoring her a bit this summer for her graduation requirements. She’s such an awesome artist. She’s out of the country for a missions trip. Thinking of you!

DJ3A9518 copyDJ3A9524 copyDJ3A9528 copyDJ3A9547 copy

Amanda-William Monroe High School

Another photographer! I love working with the young artists and Amanda helped me last year and I hope she will again this year! But she’s gets to be on the other side of the camera this year and I’m so happy about that. She’s a wonderful young lady!

DJ3A9560 copyDJ3A9568 copyDJ3A9582 copy

Ariana-William Monroe High School

I LOVE this girl! She’s amazing, hilarious, smart, athletic and gorgeous! Ani, you rock!

DJ3A9590 copyDJ3A9593 copyDJ3A9603 copyDJ3A9624 copy

Sydney-Albemarle High School

Sydney is such a kind-hearted young lady! So thrilled to spend some time with her the other night. She’s just amazing! Can’t wait to tell more of her story 🙂

DJ3A9659 copyDJ3A9696 copyDJ3A9720 copy

Bailee-Albemarle High School

Bailee was a lifeguard with Amber, one of my class of 2016 models, who told her about it. I’m so happy she signed up because she’s hilarious! So much fun with you and Sydney the other night. Can’t wait for more sessions with you! And her leggings? AWESOME!

DJ3A9654 copy.jpgDJ3A9682 copyDJ3A9726 copyDJ3A9669 copy

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