Soccer Senior Portraits {Class of 2016}

I did all the soccer kids at the same time (it was total chaos!) this past year and we had some fun…and I got a little teary-eyed since this is the last year my daughter is going to play with these girls. It’s been a joy to watch them all grow up together!

I really love to add sports to senior sessions. This coming year I have a bunch of different ideas of how to become more creative and dramatic in the sports arena! Who’s ready?


IMG_0710 copyIMG_0795 copyIMG_0945 copyIMG_0947 copyIMG_0950 copyIMG_0951 copyIMG_0960 copyIMG_0962 copyIMG_0996 copyIMG_0999 copy


IMG_0745 copyIMG_0971 copyIMG_0974 copyIMG_0976 copyIMG_0994 copyIMG_0995 copyIMG_1013 copy


IMG_0716 copyIMG_0718 copyIMG_0823 copyIMG_0917 copyIMG_0919 copyIMG_0921 copyIMG_0929 copyIMG_0937 copy

EmmaIMG_0886 copyIMG_0978 copyIMG_0980 copyIMG_0983 copyIMG_0986 copyIMG_0990 copyIMG_1016 copyIMG_1017 copyIMG_1018 copy

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