Emma Class of 2016 {Senior Photographs in a Field}

Emma is one of the sweetest, most genuine young ladies I have ever met. I was so honored when she asked me to do her senior portraits! I just had a great time with her and we chose a spot where we didn’t know wildflowers would be growing and found some. It was so awesome!

She’s going to kick butt in college, I’m sure of that. I hope she doesn’t stop playing soccer because I’ve only known a few with as much heart as her. She never stops trying. Such a great role model!

IMG_7017 copyIMG_7024 copyIMG_7029 copyIMG_7031 copyIMG_7034 copyIMG_7039 copyIMG_7046 copyIMG_7052 copyIMG_7053 copyIMG_7095 copyIMG_7098 copyIMG_7100 copyIMG_7112 copyIMG_7113 copyIMG_7125 copyIMG_7131 copyIMG_7143 copyIMG_7145 copyIMG_7150 copyIMG_7169 copyIMG_7176 copyIMG_7191 copyIMG_7203 copyIMG_7207 copyIMG_7223 copyIMG_7235 copyIMG_7242 copyIMG_7248 copyIMG_7283 copyIMG_7312 copyIMG_7315 copyIMG_7322 copyIMG_7327 copyIMG_7332 copyIMG_7351 copy

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