Aaron, Class of 2016 {Hockey Senior Portraits}

I swear I take photos of guys too! I feel like I just keep sharing the girls’ photo sessions but I have a fabulous time with the guys too! Sometimes they’re more willing to try a different angle, do something different, light something on fire! Whatever. I love that!

Aaron plays hockey and he was born in Germany (and his mom is from there) so we made sure to include a nod to that heritage with the soccer flag. I swear the photos where he’s in the suit are just gorgeous! We had a warm, fall day with some beautiful golden light.

Thank you, Aaron, for asking me to take your senior photos! I hope you never stop playing hockey and have an incredibly bright future! You always have the option of becoming a model!

IMG_3078 copyIMG_3079 copyIMG_3087 copyIMG_3091 copyIMG_3094 copyIMG_3098 copyIMG_3107 copyIMG_3111 copyIMG_3120 copyIMG_3126 copyIMG_3130 copyIMG_3132 copyIMG_3134 copyIMG_3147 copyIMG_3151 copyIMG_3170 copyIMG_3172 copyIMG_3177 copyIMG_3178 copyIMG_3190 copyIMG_3195 copyIMG_3199 copyIMG_3219 copyIMG_3223 copyIMG_3235 copyIMG_3239 copy

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