Joey Class of 2016 {Virginia Senior Portraits}

The last guy, Aaron, was born in Germany and Joey was born in Australia! We made sure to nod to his Australian roots in a photo, which is good because he’s going to college there after all! So exciting for him!!

We had a mini football session, in addition to his regular session. Joey shaved his beard between the two sessions and I swear he looks 5 years younger in his football photos than his regular senior session! He’s also a musician so we used his guitar in some photos. I love including items that are important to the senior in their sessions!

Have a blast in Australia and I hope I get to see you again some day, Joey & Lori!

IMG_1611 copyIMG_1617 copyIMG_1626 copyIMG_1629 copyIMG_1640 copyIMG_1651 copyIMG_1653 copyIMG_1655 copyIMG_1664 copyIMG_1668 copyIMG_1673 copyIMG_1677 copyIMG_1680 copyIMG_1689 copyIMG_1694 copyIMG_1696 copyIMG_1707 copyIMG_1719 copyIMG_1723 copyIMG_1770 copyIMG_1861 copyIMG_4796 copyIMG_4801 copyIMG_4805 copyIMG_4806 copyIMG_4810 copyIMG_4814 copyIMG_4824 copyIMG_4834 copyIMG_4846 copyIMG_4867 copy

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