Sunny and Jake {Brother & Sister Senior Portraits}

These two are soccer royalty and their skills are undeniable! Jake is heading to Louisville (hence the “L” he makes with his hand!) and Sunny heads to Messiah this fall. I was so happy Juliet had the chance to play with Sunny because she’s amazing to watch. NO FEAR! I totally respect that.

This was the first time I’ve been asked to do siblings’ senior portraits and it was so fun! It was a gorgeous fall day, they included their sweet Great Dane and we took a family photo at the end of the session! So fun!

Have a great time in college, to you both! I’m sure mom and dad will ride the roads to watch them play soccer in college, so drive safely! Thank you so much for asking me to do their senior portraits! I had the best time 🙂

IMG_1939 copyIMG_1943 copyIMG_1948 copyIMG_1953 copyIMG_1964 copyIMG_1967 copyIMG_1970 copyIMG_1972 copyIMG_1974 copyIMG_1977 copyIMG_1983 copyIMG_1985 copyIMG_1993 copyIMG_1997 copyIMG_1998 copyIMG_2004 copyIMG_2005 copyIMG_2008 copyIMG_2015 copyIMG_2021 copyIMG_2026 copyIMG_2031 copyIMG_2037 copyIMG_2043 copyIMG_2046 copyIMG_2064 copyIMG_2072 copyIMG_2084 copyIMG_2098 copy

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