Sydney, Class of 2016 {Urban Senior Session}

I could talk about Sydney for hours and never be able to tell you all the reasons she rocks! I love her style, her humor, her brains an her drive. Listening to her final senior project for the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School I was blown away. She focused on the gender gap in the business world–in pay, in CEO positions, etc., and for one of the first times I felt some ray of hope that it will be fixed. She’s going to study global affairs at college. She’s going to change the world!

Sydney and her mom, LaDonna, were awesome for her session in Downtown Charlottesville and at the Ix Art Park in Charlottesville. Thank you so much Sydney! I can’t wait to see how your bright future comes into focus!!

IMG_8780 copyIMG_8788 copyIMG_8791 copyIMG_8812 copyIMG_8817 copyIMG_8830 copyIMG_8848 copyIMG_8875 copyIMG_8885 copyIMG_8902 copyIMG_8958 copyIMG_8973 copyIMG_8983 copyIMG_8996 copyIMG_9004 copyIMG_9044 copyIMG_9049 copyIMG_9068 copyIMG_9075 copyIMG_9081 copyIMG_9089 copyIMG_9091 copyIMG_9098 copyIMG_9104 copyIMG_9113 copyIMG_9122 copy

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