One Light Challenge {Image Challenge}

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged this one yet. The challenge was using one light and I took it to mean using only one strobe light but also using the sun. Anyway, Juliet & I had a blast with this one, and my mom even had the chance to come with us. I can’t believe she goes to college in 16 days. I’ll not dwell on that!

I’ve got another challenge to get finished before the end of August! I skipped June & July because of traveling overseas but I’m ready to get into the groove and my Class of 2017 models should note that and be ready 🙂

If you’re looking to get on the calendar for senior photos, Class of 2017, get in touch with me ASAP at as dates are filling fast with loads of fun sessions coming up!

Terry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-001 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-002 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-003 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-004 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-005 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-006 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-007 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-008 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-009 copyTerry-Beigie-One-Light-Challenge-010 copy

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