The power of water {Mermaid Teen Photoshoot}

I’m awake really late editing sports photos and I thought I’d finally share my teen water photoshoot with Laura over the summer. The Robinson River in Madison County comes from the mountains and it’s always freezing. It was 115 degrees with the heat index the morning we shot and even though it was 8 a.m. the temperature was already 95 degrees. I was sweating IN the water.

Water is symbol of strength, power and transformation. It is patient and will work to wear sharp rocks down over centuries, crafting its path where it wants to go.

Laura is a strong young woman with a quiet confidence I believe stems from her swimming and diving talent. When I heard there would be a water challenge my thoughts went straight to her because when she’s within water she is strength, dignity and beauty.

When a mermaid is in water she’s all of those things, as well. Her power comes from the water itself. That’s what I think of when I think of Laura, when she’s in water she has a mermaid’s power.


3 thoughts on “The power of water {Mermaid Teen Photoshoot}

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