Lindsay, Grace and Beauty in the sun {William Monroe High School Senior Photography}

WARNING: I’m about to overshare and totally gush about this young woman! Lindsay is gorgeous and an incredibly talented artist. I have had the best time getting to know her better this year. I’ve admired her artwork for years at the school and on the basketball court so when she asked me to do her senior photos I was so honored! She is the TOTAL package. She’s terribly intelligent, she is wonderfully artistic and extremely athletic. She goes to church with her family and she has a close relationship with her mom, who, of course, I adore!  It was so hot this day in July. But Lindsay didn’t complain. She kept trucking for hours and looked more amazing every image I took. Watch for her basketball session next!! Thank you so much for spending time with me this year, Lindsay. ❤dj3a0737-copydj3a0702-copydj3a0697-copydj3a0684-copydj3a0680-copydj3a0672-copydj3a0668-copydj3a0638-copydj3a0631-copydj3a0634-copydj3a0613-copydj3a0612-copydj3a0592-copydj3a0582-copydj3a0573-copy-2dj3a0572-copydj3a0560-copydj3a0550-copydj3a0543-copydj3a0534-copydj3a0505-copydj3a0497-copydj3a0479-copy

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