Kristin, Class of 2017 {Virginia senior portraits}

Over share alert because narrowing down all the images of this beautiful, sweet young lady is impossible!! You can also see her basketball session. She is one tough athlete!

I have to tell you all what happened at this session!! There’s a photo of her on an orange stool. That’s the last photo that will ever be taken with that stool, too! I put it behind a tree but it rolled down a big hill into the pond. Her lovely sister Jess chased it but didn’t get there in time so after I rolled up my jeans, took off my shoes and waded into the pond, sinking into the mud. It was quite hilarious!!

Personally I cannot believe she’s graduating high school. She’s licensed as a nursing assistant and heading to school to study nursing. I can’t imagine she’ll be anything but a caring, thorough, hardworking nurse. She is smart and driven, a great daughter and friend. I’m so proud of the woman you’ve grown up to be and cannot wait to see all the future holds for you!! Still to come: soccer session! ❤️



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