Anthony Terry {Va Urban Senior Portraits}

How can anyone not enjoy hanging out with Anthony Terry? I mean he’s funny, sweet and an absolute joy to photograph! Plus, everyone just calls him Terry so that’s funny when other people are around 🙂

We took a couple really special photographs with the picture of his father, who has passed away. I got his mom to agree to be in one photo with him so I count that as a win for me. I’m not sharing either of those because those are personal to their family. I’ll let them share if they decide to do it!

The day we were going to take his outdoor photos it was close to 105 degrees so we opted for the basketball indoor photos instead. Terry had an amazing basketball season reaching 1,000 points and being asked to play in an all-star game. I may have been on my deathbed but I was totally cheering for him and Kam’Ron from Greene County!

I really adore Terry & his mother, Denise, and can’t wait to hear where his future takes him. He’s going to do great things, I just know it! Thank you for letting  share this special time with you guys! ❤


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