Taylor Cheerleading Session {Sports Senior Photographer}

We had so much fun with Taylor’s Cheerleading photos. She was on the football sideline cheer team and the competition cheer team this year — and all throughout high school she did basketball cheer as well. It’s a lot of work but she did it with all smiles.

We waited until football practice was over even though they don’t practice on the main football field just because I was afraid they might freak with the green smoke bombs! Yet, no one, not even the people running the track from the community, asked us what that cloud of green smoke that traveled the air across the field and over by the schools was. I couldn’t help but laugh at that.

We were supposed to take a winter session but our winter in Virginia has been such a jerk with almost no snow at all. I thought we were getting some in March but we barely got a dusting. Not worthy of photo session. Such a bummer. But we did get an amazing fall session that will be posted a bit later, and of course, her summer session. Taylor has been an amazing model this year, and posting soon I’ll add the parachute dress shoot I did with my Class of 2017 models. So much fun, and even though it was cold they were such troopers!

Thank you Taylor for letting me spend this amazing time with you and getting to know you and your mom better. I adore you both, honestly I do. ❤


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