Karin {Albemarle High Senior Photography}

Karin is a photographer in her own right. She takes amazing portraits and creative sessions and is heading to college to pursue her dream in an artistic field and I could NOT love that more than I do. I wish I went a creative way in college; journalism isn’t as creative as I like to be so I’m glad I found photography even if it was later in life.

Karin chose to do her session in one of the most beautiful places in our area in Madison. She had accompanied me as a second photographer and assistant during the mermaid shoot and thought it would work for her session, too. When we went back the water was terribly low in the Robinson River but we were able to get some great ones in the water.

Karin is a joy to be with. She knows how to pose because she’s a photographer and she’s very easy in front of a camera (unlike me). I love spending time with her and I just know her art is going make an impact on our world one day. ❤

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