Andrea Class of 2017 {Albemarle Senior Photographer}

Andrea is an artistic and beautiful young woman! But we had terrible luck getting her session done. She wanted flowers, specifically sunflowers, so we worked hard to find some still in bloom. The weather was overcast, but for a photographer that’s not a bad thing, so we traveled to Chiles in Crozet because we noticed they still had some in bloom. As soon as we started the session it started to mist. Turns out there were only a few still blooming there, but there were other gorgeous wildflowers happening there so it wasn’t a total loss. We went with it for as much as we could until you could see droplets of rain on her clothing and it stopped making sense to take photos through it. But I will say we were hitting the shutter and moving locations and poses like mad women 🙂

Since we were only there for about a half hour we finished up her session a few weeks later in another location and we were rewarded with an incredible sunset! We were able to schedule another session for later that month to finish out everything, coming in another post! Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to just go with it, Andrea. I loved your sessions! ❤

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