Andrea {Themed Photo Session Photography}

Back to Andrea having no luck! The date we picked for this portion of her session ended up raining all morning. We weren’t sure it would pass but thank goodness it did! We kept the session and it was gorgeous! She had this red flapper dress she really wanted to wear and that’s her 1950s Kodak camera in the photos with the red and white dress! It’s her dad’s car from the 1970s that allowed me to finally utilize the awesome authentic late 1960s prom dress(Thank you Karen!) and I swear Andrea looked like a princess in it.

Andrea is a photographer in her own right, as well, and wanted to showcase it a little. That’s my Baby Brownie Kodak camera from the 1930s and the Kodak Brownie that is blue from the 1920s for the Gatsbyesque purple dress.

This was an amazing session. Thank you so much Andrea! And good luck at Christopher Newport next year! ❤

DJ3A1287 copyDJ3A1299 copyDJ3A1333 copyDJ3A1348 copyDJ3A1374 copy1382B&W copyDJ3A1382 copyDJ3A1400 copyDJ3A1420 copyDJ3A1430 copyDJ3A1436 copyDJ3A1444 copyDJ3A1449 copyDJ3A1465 copyDJ3A1470 copy1479B&W copyDJ3A1479 copyDJ3A1481 copyDJ3A1501 copyDJ3A1522 copyDJ3A1525 copy

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