Masked {Central Virginia Concept Photographer}

I love to do group photoshoots with my Terry Beigie Photography senior models and this year we did a masquerade party. And it was FREEZING outside ūüôā But the girls were awesome and we had a blast. Plus I had some of the best hair and makeup artists ever helping me.

I love the idea of a masquerade party and not sure why we don’t do them as a society any more. Isn’t it fun to be hidden and observe? Or is that just the journalist in me? I had hoped to this shoot for 2 years but … life. Thank you to my Class of 2017 and Class of 2018 models who were able to participate!! These young women are some of the strongest, smartest, talented, most wonderful young people I know. I am always so humbled and honored when people ask me to do their senior portraits. Nothing means more to me than creating amazing images that they can look back on years and year from now and realize they ¬†had an absolute blast their last year of high school!!! As you can see I could not convince my boy to pose for any real masquerade ball photos but he did with his girlfriend Clara and one of his longtime friends Sarah–friends since dawn of time I think.

Huge shoutout to¬†Gabrielle Nigmond of¬†Countryside Enterprises, LLC. in Ruckersville for allowing the use of the indoor space because it was COLD that day and I had not yet moved into my own studio. Also thanks for being an awesome storage space on Route 33 there for all my “junk” (i.e. props, et. al.)! Love it!!

Makeup artist: Kenzie Durrer

Hair:  Akela  Instagram: @thatcreativeone_

4 thoughts on “Masked {Central Virginia Concept Photographer}

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