Woodland Witches {Halloween photoshoot}

Once upon a time, in a faraway land (OK Greene County Community Park but humor me) there lived four witches who celebrated Autumn each year together…

DJ3A4834 copy

I love being creative. I write stories in my head all the time, not to mention writing for a newspaper. And while I always forget the fact, photography for me is creative. A photography session is not just looking through a shutter and clicking a button for me. I always have a plan, one that I’ve worked out with them, to help tell their stories. I love talking with the young people I photograph–learning their hopes and dreams and I honestly love that!

One of the big reasons I have senior models is so that I can be even more creative. Your typical senior photos that hang on the parents’ walls are the slightly touched up, big smile, extra beautiful photos. And believe me that’s awesome! The senior photo I have of my daughter on the wall isn’t small and I love it. I’m making the one for my son as he’s Class of 2018 as well. But the fun shoots, the memories we can build getting creative, I live for that! And this year that’s what I’m really digging into–that creativity.  And the shoots help me stretch my technical abilities, and are not extra for the seniors to participate in. No one must participate, of course, but when they do we have a fabulous time! Sign up for 2019 or 2020 any time on my website.

It started with the masquerade ball in the spring, and peacock, also in the spring then to Steampunk in the hot summer and then moved to the four elements fairy photoshoot in North Carolina (posting soon). Now here’s a photoshoot that celebrates autumn/Halloween in a creative, unusual way. I KNOW those that drove by to soccer games/practices that day wondered why there was so much colored smoke in the trees and along the route into the park 🙂

I made the flowered crowns and gathered most of the items for the outfits, and added bits of details for their makeup with shiny beads and glitter. Lizzie looked absolutely AMAZING! And hers was one of the smokebombs that definitely didn’t have issue lighting!

Alexis’ hair was already blue and for that I’m so excited! We didn’t take any of her other senior photos with her blue hair, and that’s OK, but I definitely wanted some and this was a perfect theme!

Clarissa was such a trooper with the long blue eyelashes. This is definitely NOT the way she usually wears her makeup or dresses but I bless her that she was up for the challenge! Sometimes doing these themed, styled photoshoots means the seniors give up a bit of control in clothing, locations, props and looks (though I’d NEVER force anyone to do something they felt uncomfortable doing!) and that can help bring them out of their shells a bit more, too.

I really have NO IDEA how I’ll survive without Sarah next year. I mean I’m thrilled for her and her future, but I am going to miss her! I’ve had her in front of my camera so many times, not to mention assisting a bit on a firefighter calendar photoshoot that was TOO MUCH FUN! We learned a special fact about smokebombs that become duds…sparklers can light them! When I saw that sunflower I HAD to get it and I immediately thought of Sarah!

When the red smokebomb haze didn’t actually disappear with no wind, Clarissa and Alexis jumped up a hill for a bit with the red smoke behind them. Love it!

Hope everyone has enjoyed our (HOT) autumn because I think it’s about to get really cold really fast! We’re probably due for a few big snow storms this winter…maybe even an ice storm (or maybe that’s just the next themed shoot!).


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