Softball Slugger {Virginia Sports Photography}

Today I get to watch this young lady sign to play Division 1 college softball at Longwood University! I’ve known Alexis since we moved here in 2005 and my son was on her T-ball team. The girl was a superstar even in kindergarten.

I was honored to take her senior photos this year, and not just because she plays my old sport–man do I miss it even still–but because I’ve been lucky enough to take her older sister Bailey’s senior photos in 2015, her cousin Meghan’s senior photos last year (which I clearly haven’t shared yet…grrr) and her other cousin Laura’s senior photos this year, too (will be sharing recent shoots shortly) and let me tell you this is a family of really strong, wonderful, talented and beautiful young ladies!!

I am so proud of Alexis for all her hard work and determination. She’s not terribly tall and had been told before that she wasn’t going to be “enough” for D1 softball–tall enough, strong enough, etc–she told me. However, she would not accept that and she has worked her butt off since to become that amazing athlete she is. She holds the VHSL record for number of home runs hit in one game–with 3–and she had more than 30 home run balls with her the night of our softball shoot a couple months ago, and has hit even more since–she’s strong enough for sure!!

I know we have some more softball ones to create, Alexis, but I just needed to share these and say CONGRATULATIONS on today. YOU EARNED IT!! ❤


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