Alexis, Class of 2018 {Central Virginia Senior Photographer}

When I think of Alexis I can’t help but think of BADA**! She’s petite but one of the toughest women I know. She recently signed her letter of intent to play softball at a Division 1 University. She wants to be a professional wrestler after college, honestly I would not want to meet up with her in the ring. Her nickname is even Rousey and her bed is a WWE ring.

But she’s also one of the sweetest young people I know. She’s felt profound loss in her life, but instead of dwelling there she chooses to help lift others. She’s always willing to volunteer to help someone in need, always one of the first I see cheering her teammates from the sidelines.

It was an incredibly HOT day in August when we did her regular session but neither of us cared because the location was just amazing, as was the lighting. I think it’s hilarious that her favorite thing in her closet is rompers because she wore two for her shoot! While we had no shortage of lily pads for her photoshoot, Alexis can turn her tongue into a four-leaf clover.

The three things Alexis cannot live without: God, Family and Softball (in that order).

I love photographing Alexis and can’t wait for more in the future!DJ3A7658 copyDJ3A7664 copyDJ3A7666 copyDJ3A7691 copyDJ3A7732 copyDJ3A7742 copyDJ3A7748 copyDJ3A7752 copyDJ3A7756 copyDJ3A7759 copyDJ3A7823 copyDJ3A7843 copyDJ3A7847 copyDJ3A7860 copyDJ3A7872 copyDJ3A7911 copyDJ3A7925 copyDJ3A7934 copyDJ3A8022 copyDJ3A8030 copyDJ3A8033 copy

2 thoughts on “Alexis, Class of 2018 {Central Virginia Senior Photographer}

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