Sweet, Smart, Strong: Laura {William Monroe High School Class of 2018}

I met this beautiful young woman at her 8th grade dance and she’s graduating in two months! She was just such a shy little one. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to photograph her a number of times and that’s given me the ability to watch her grow into the strong young woman she’s become. She is helpful and giving, is willing to fight for what she sees as the right thing to do, and is an amazing diver, swimmer, golfer, artist and the list goes on! She’s heading to a dream college in the fall and I could not be more proud to know her!!!

Other sessions with Laura includes the masquerade photoshoot, adding motion challenge, mermaid photo challenge, and boho teen. She’s also cousins with Alexis and Bailey!

The first of her senior sessions I’m going to share with you show that I’m absolutely willing to do whatever it takes to get the beautiful image! One day just driving down Route 33 I saw a bunch of pink just over the line of sight on my left. So, I took a U-turn and headed right back to see what was new in our little county. When I saw this GORGEOUS field of wildflowers I FREAKED OUT. With two days we got permission to photograph there and it needed to be quick because it was hot and because the sun was setting. So, I decided a soft touch on these images were the way to go and didn’t use my lights. I did that quite a lot this senior year and I do love me some warm, yummy natural light, too! I ABSOLUTELY love every image I’ve ever taken of Laura!!! OMG these are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, though.

More to come with Laura next time!

Class of 2019 if you want to get on my calendar for the summer or fall (SUMMER INCLUDES A DISCOUNT) email terrybeigie@gmail.com or visit http://www.terrybeigie.com and go to contact me.

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