The Ice Queen Cometh

“Her eyes are pure stars, and her fingers, if they touch you, freeze you to the bone.” — Virginia Woolf, Orlando

Oh Virginia! I hoped to have SOME snow on the ground to photograph this concept session, but no, we didn’t get any real snow until the first days of Spring. I do love Virginia but sometimes her mood swings are a bit much!

I thought of this photo session while walking through Hobby Lobby (of course) to buy props for the Woodland Witches Halloween photoshoot. I saw these fake plastic diamonds throughout the Christmas section–which of course was already out in September–and decided at that moment I needed to create an Ice Queen photoshoot. You can ask my daughter, who also got roped into modeling for it at the last minute!

I spent months planning outfits and headpieces for my senior models to wear in the studio. I have too much fun creating headpieces and creative costumes. I can’t get enough of these photoshoots! Seriously, if you have an idea let’s make it happen in addition to your regular senior photoshoot.

Some models could not make it at the last minute (it was Thanksgiving weekend) but Alexis, Sarah, Lizzie and Juliet totally rocked it! If you knew these young ladies then you’d know they’re no ice queens but they are amazing young women that I’m honored to know! DJ3A5223 copyDJ3A5227 copyDJ3A5228 copyDJ3A5234 copyDJ3A5246 copyDJ3A5200 copyDJ3A5191 copyDJ3A5189 copyDJ3A5186 copyDJ3A5181 copyDJ3A5180 copyDJ3A5170 copyDJ3A5164 copyDJ3A5166 copyDJ3A5159 copyDJ3A5167 copyDJ3A5169 copyDJ3A5125 copyDJ3A5127 copyDJ3A5128 copyDJ3A5129 copyDJ3A5144 copyOh, yes, that’s Alexis’ real hair color and it fit the shoot so wonderfully I could not have planned that any better!

Seriously I think if I could find a job where I created costumes for these photoshoots I would be in heaven. Other fun ones: Masquerade Party; Steampunk; Gatsby; Hunger Games; Peacock; Burning Man; and Entourage.

As I go out of town to an area where there is always snow in winter–as it should be–I figured now would be the right time to post this session!


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