Lizzie, Sweet Sunshine {Class of 2018}

Every time. I really am a writer who can think of words for everything else except this blog! But I have to say it again, I CANNOT believe Lizzie is graduating in less than two months. I have known this sweetheart since at least first grade when I started working in the Primary School. Lizzie has always been sweetness and sunshine! Her beautiful smile can brighten the cloudiest day.

Lizzie is a tough young woman who stands by her convictions, and her friends, fiercely. She’s got a heart of gold and I hope the world doesn’t find a way to tarnish that. Lizzie, stay true to you and you’ll never go wrong. I’ve watched you become a strong young woman and I truly feel honored you asked me to take your senior photos.

It was hot, and late in the day and it was hurried but honestly it’s one of the most beautiful I’ve ever taken. The location is always beautiful but there is something about Lizzie among those flowers in the sunset that just makes it perfect. ❤

DJ3A9940 copyDJ3A9943 copyDJ3A9945 copyDJ3A9957 copyDJ3A9970 copyDJ3A9980 copyDJ3A9982 copyDJ3A9973 copyDJ3A9987 copyDJ3A9985 copyDJ3A9990 copyDJ3A9993 copyDJ3A9997 copyDJ3A0035 copyDJ3A0042 copyDJ3A0045 copyDJ3A0049 copyDJ3A0060 copyDJ3A0078 copyDJ3A0083 copyDJ3A0001-1 copyDJ3A0003 copyDJ3A0005-1 copyDJ3A0016-1 copyDJ3A0014-1 copyDJ3A0017-1 copyDJ3A0019-1 copyDJ3A0026 copyDJ3A0033 copyDJ3A0090 copyDJ3A0093 copyDJ3A0101 copyDJ3A0102 copyDJ3A0106 copyDJ3A0118 copy

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