Sweet Clara {Charlottesville Senior Photography}

Clara & I had an early morning weekend photo session in Charlottesville for her senior photos. It was quite hot but we managed, well I managed but she looked perfect! I so enjoyed hanging out with Clara and her mom Jenny. They’re just wonderful!

Clara is always willing to participate in my creative shoots, too. She participated in the Hope/Peacock, Steampunk and Masquerade photoshoots.

Oh, Clara, what can I say? I love every single photo I’ve ever taken of you! You’re so sweet and artistic. I still love my Sherlock & Steampunk guy!! ❤  I can’t wait to see how your future turns out because I just know it’s going to be FABULOUS!!

DJ3A1222 copyDJ3A1226 copyDJ3A1236 copyDJ3A1240 copyDJ3A1253 copyDJ3A1256 copyDJ3A1261 copyDJ3A1278 copyDJ3A1288 copyDJ3A1291 copyDJ3A1297 copyDJ3A1316 copyDJ3A1319 copyDJ3A1324 copyDJ3A1325 copyDJ3A1339 copyDJ3A1351 copyDJ3A1353 copyDJ3A1355 copyDJ3A1361 copyDJ3A1373 copyDJ3A1390 copyDJ3A1396 copyDJ3A1409 copyDJ3A1443 copyDJ3A1446 copyDJ3A1448 copyDJ3A1450 copy

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