Kayla {Wilmington, N.C., senior photography}

Kayla is a beautiful soul and I love her smile so much! I took her senior photos while I was in Wilmington, N.C., for my niece’s senior photos. You should know this day had a heat index of 107 degrees but when you’re 300+ miles from home and only have a few days you make it work! Kayla looked amazing and honestly I never saw her sweat even though I looked like a puddle by the end of the shoot.

Wilmington, N.C., has had numerous shows filmed there. We stumbled upon a really cool bridge that we didn’t even know was used in One Tree Hill until we got up there and saw all the “notes” to the cast written on it (and the fan girls who popped by to do selfies on it)! HA!

Kayla is a musician. I have been really lucky this year to take senior photos of many talented musicians. She used her mom’s old saxophone in some of the photos and it’s so beautiful! I had a blast (and not just because of the cops 😉 ).


DJ3A6247 copyDJ3A6284 copyDJ3A6300 copyDJ3A6305 copyDJ3A6308 copyDJ3A6309 copyDJ3A6315 copyDJ3A6319 copyDJ3A6320 copyDJ3A6321 copyDJ3A6323 copyDJ3A6325 copyDJ3A6329 copy (1)DJ3A6334 copyDJ3A6344 copyDJ3A6345 copyDJ3A6349 copyDJ3A6353 copyDJ3A6359 copyDJ3A6366 copyDJ3A6367 copyDJ3A6372 copyDJ3A6390 copyDJ3A6394 copyDJ3A6397 copyDJ3A6400 copyDJ3A6402 copyDJ3A6407 copy (1)DJ3A6413 copyDJ3A6416 copyDJ3A6423 copyDJ3A6426 copyDJ3A6450 copyDJ3A6454 copyDJ3A6460 copyDJ3A6468 copyDJ3A6482 copyDJ3A6489 copyDJ3A6494 copyDJ3A6495 copyDJ3A6497 copy

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