Sunrise Parachute Dress Session {Wilmington, N.C., Photography}

GAHHHHHH Everything about this session was worth the 4 a.m. wake up. I absolutely love sunset photos but I don’t live on the West Coast so to get beautiful sun images with the parachute dress I need to do it for the sunrise.

I’m lucky because Kayla and Josie were open to fun photoshoots while I was in North Carolina last summer. Josie is my first niece, and the only child that looks like me (neither of mine do so I’ll take it!). I adore everything about her. This year she was the Drum Major for her high school, but the flute is her major instrument. She’s a talent musician and on her way to march in college in the fall. I can’t believe it!

Kayla is another talented musician but we went for pure beauty for her parachute session. Both of these young ladies are amazing women! Time goes by way too fast the older you get. Enjoy the moments, like a sunrise on the beach, as often as you can.

HUGE shout out to my mom and sister for holding the light poles (those things just fly in the wind) and my niece, Jenna, and nephew, Alex, and son, Devin, for helping this EARLY morning! Love you all!

Do you have an idea for a photoshoot? Let’s make it happen!

DJ3A6157 copyDJ3A6164 copyDJ3A6168 copyDJ3A6173 copyDJ3A6178 copyDJ3A6186 copyDJ3A6188 copyDJ3A6189 copyDJ3A6191 copyDJ3A6196 copyDJ3A6198 copyDJ3A6199 copyDJ3A6200 copyDJ3A6202 copyDJ3A6204 copyDJ3A6207 copyDJ3A6221 copyDJ3A6223 copyDJ3A6224 copyDJ3A6225 copyDJ3A6228 copyDJ3A6235 copyDJ3A6241 copy

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