Clarissa {Keep your imagination open}

Oh sweet Clarissa! I’ve known your mother since we were in elementary school. I mean that’s a ridiculous time!! The older I get the more I realize how special it is to keep the people who knew you when you were  young in your life. Clarissa participates in the renaissance festival every year and she wanted to incorporate that into her session! She is a camp counselor at the location we used for her session in Front Royal in the summer and has spent so many wonderful summers there! She is a crack shot with the bow & arrow (and at least she didn’t get me!). In so many ways she reminds me of Jennifer, her mom, when she was younger. She’s so smart, musically talented, driven and easy to smile. Everything that makes Jennifer so special. So glad I’ll get to see where future takes you! You’re going to do amazing, Clarissa!!! >3

DJ3A5764 copyDJ3A5766 copyDJ3A5773 copyDJ3A5775 copyDJ3A5778 copyDJ3A5784 copyDJ3A5789 copyDJ3A5794 copyDJ3A5801 copyDJ3A5803 copyDJ3A5813 copyDJ3A5816 copyDJ3A5834 copyDJ3A5853 copyDJ3A5881 copyDJ3A5887 copyDJ3A5894 copyDJ3A5899 copyDJ3A5904 copyDJ3A5927 copyDJ3A5928 copyDJ3A5938 copy 2DJ3A5942 copyDJ3A5947 copyDJ3A5948 copyDJ3A5951 copyDJ3A5957 copyDJ3A5963 copyDJ3A5972 copyDJ3A5973 copyDJ3A5983 copyDJ3A5987 copyDJ3A5991 copyDJ3A5998 copyDJ3A6001 copyDJ3A6006 copyDJ3A5770 copy

One thought on “Clarissa {Keep your imagination open}

  1. Terry, I looked forward to this day for YEARS! And it did not disappoint! You captured Clarissa’s spirit in these photos. It was fun being with an “old” friend while we waited for the many outfit changes. Can’t wait to do this again next year with J! Love ya!!


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