About Terry Beigie

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Who Am I?

 I am a natural storyteller. When I have a camera in my hands I am reminded to notice the beauty of our everyday lives.

I believe in photographing the authentic person.

I believe in giving teenagers a voice and building them up.

I believe in listening to my clients and giving them a positive experience.

I believe in showcasing your natural beauty.

    I adore the photographs of my family & friends and the walls in my home are covered with them. I understand the importance of these heirlooms and feel honored when I help create them for you. I am creative, goofy, friendly and fun! I truly love living near the Blue Ridge Mountains and I have golden retriever so everything I own is covered in dog hair. I love collaborating with other photographers on projects. And, I especially love taking “sportraiture” AKA cool, dramatically lit portraits showcasing the sport or even hobby that you love.

    You deserve to have high-quality photography on your walls. As a high-school senior you deserve more than a photo in a piece of velvet. You deserve photos that demonstrate you–your personality and your beautiful person. You are part of the most photographed generation ever and you have very little tangible proof of that. Some day your computers will be obsolete and your phones will change; that disc you have of your photographs won’t work. That framed print, canvas print, wall display or album will never go out of style!

Everyone has beauty; everyone has a unique story; and your story matters!

I am a member of Professional Photographers of America and the Charlottesville Photography Initiative. Contact me at terrybeigie@gmail.com.

I tell stories with photos …

Let me tell yours next!

Terry Beigie Photography   www.terrybeigie.com   Ruckersville VA 22968   (434) 242-1281   terrybeigie@gmail.com

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