Kristin, Class of 2017 {Virginia senior portraits}

Over share alert because narrowing down all the images of this beautiful, sweet young lady is impossible!! You can also see her basketball session. She is one tough athlete!

I have to tell you all what happened at this session!! There’s a photo of her on an orange stool. That’s the last photo that will ever be taken with that stool, too! I put it behind a tree but it rolled down a big hill into the pond. Her lovely sister Jess chased it but didn’t get there in time so after I rolled up my jeans, took off my shoes and waded into the pond, sinking into the mud. It was quite hilarious!!

Personally I cannot believe she’s graduating high school. She’s licensed as a nursing assistant and heading to school to study nursing. I can’t imagine she’ll be anything but a caring, thorough, hardworking nurse. She is smart and driven, a great daughter and friend. I’m so proud of the woman you’ve grown up to be and cannot wait to see all the future holds for you!! Still to come: soccer session! ❤️



Kristin Basketball Senior {Greene County Virginia Senior Night}

Tomorrow night is senior night for the girls basketball team at William Monroe High School, so I thought I’d share Kristin’s senior basketball session! I still cannot believe she’s a senior. I’ve watched her play soccer for just under a decade and can’t wait until her soccer session this spring!!

Many years ago I had the honor to take her older sister’s senior session, as well. I cannot wait to watch her senior night tomorrow. She’s a total beast on the court, a beautiful young woman, smart and funny and extremely caring as she studies to become a nurse. ❤




Anthony, Basketball Senior {Greene County Senior Photographer}

I think it’s pretty obvious I LOVE doing sports sessions with my senior clients. It’s so much fun and they can be creative and have fun with their sport which I know means the world to them. Tonight is the senior night for boy’s basketball. I was so thrilled to take Anthony’s senior portraits this year–and not JUST because he goes by Terry 😉 I love watching him dunk during the games and he has so much composure and spirit during the games. This young man is driven on and off the court and always on the sidelines of other sports rooting for his fellow student athletes. LOVE THAT. Keep doing what you’re doing, Terry. You’re going to set the world on fire!

Congratulations to you and your family for senior night! I can’t wait to show his regular session soon, as well!


Lindsay, basketball star {Virginia Senior Portraits}

Lindsay and I had a great time at her regular session in July but when rain canceled another senior session we went ahead and got her basketball session out of the way in August–well before basketball season. And it’s a good thing too because she’s already one of the busiest people I know! During the season there’s no chance we’d have the ability to get this in!

I really love taking sports sessions (or other hobbies) along with your regular sessions. I know these types of sessions help you tell your story of who you were in high school, which is one thing I think senior sessions should do!

Here’s to a great rest of season!


Taylor, Summer Model Session {Class of 2017}

Taylor is one of my senior models this year and rather than a regular session and themed session she’s decided to do one in every season. I love this idea! Now, of course, I’m one of the few sitting around praying for some decent snowfall for our fun winter session! It was close to a record-setting hot day for this session but Taylor is gorgeous. I swear she’s literally glowing. I know she cannot wait to graduate but I will miss her smile and the fun times we’ve had throughout her senior year. I can’t wait for winter and spring sessions! I’ll be showcasing her cheer session and her fall session in the coming days! ❤


Lindsay, Grace and Beauty in the sun {William Monroe High School Senior Photography}

WARNING: I’m about to overshare and totally gush about this young woman! Lindsay is gorgeous and an incredibly talented artist. I have had the best time getting to know her better this year. I’ve admired her artwork for years at the school and on the basketball court so when she asked me to do her senior photos I was so honored! She is the TOTAL package. She’s terribly intelligent, she is wonderfully artistic and extremely athletic. She goes to church with her family and she has a close relationship with her mom, who, of course, I adore!  It was so hot this day in July. But Lindsay didn’t complain. She kept trucking for hours and looked more amazing every image I took. Watch for her basketball session next!! Thank you so much for spending time with me this year, Lindsay. ❤dj3a0737-copydj3a0702-copydj3a0697-copydj3a0684-copydj3a0680-copydj3a0672-copydj3a0668-copydj3a0638-copydj3a0631-copydj3a0634-copydj3a0613-copydj3a0612-copydj3a0592-copydj3a0582-copydj3a0573-copy-2dj3a0572-copydj3a0560-copydj3a0550-copydj3a0543-copydj3a0534-copydj3a0505-copydj3a0497-copydj3a0479-copy

Amanda, Remembering Summer & Sunflowers {Charlottesville Senior Photographer}

I have been so busy I’ve been lacking in my senior photography blog posts. I’ll be getting back into the swing of things before I kick off next year’s Class of 2018 Senior Model Program!

I ADORE Amanda! Last year she was a photographer assistant and she’s a right-good photographer herself! This year she’s one of my Class of 2017 senior models. We have managed to nail down her big wish–sunflowers–but we’re not done yet. She has the most beautiful smile and the driest wit. I think that’s why we get along so well. It was close to a trillion degrees this day (ok I might be exaggerating a smidgen) but it was too worth it to have the gorgeous mountains and lovely sunflowers with the beautiful Amanda. I am taking applications for the Class of 2018 senior model program, as well as booking into fall for senior sessions. If you know you want flowers get on my schedule now because some of them come very early in the summer while some are later. It’s been an honor getting to know you better this year Amanda! I cannot wait to see where the future takes you–I am sure you’ll be telling stories either in photos or print ❤


Goodbye 2016

I don’t know about all of you but my 2016 has not been an easy one. I’m juggling two full-time photography businesses and one part-time newspaper job (oh, I just signed up to sub in the school system, too, because I am a glutton, or more accurately because I’m paying for college). With problems on the home front, my daughter going off to college, in-law’s passing, owing more than $2,000 in a tax mistake Turbo Tax had a hand in making, and just one sucker punch after another I’m really glad to say goodbye to 2016. But rather than dwell too much on all the hardships of the year I’m going to remember some awesome things that I got to be a part of because of my job as a photographer. Some things I would not change, and that is a big one.


When my aunt passed three years ago she left me an inheritance I wasn’t expecting and decided to save for college for the kids, as well as a special trip with them and my husband. We chose two weeks in France for no other reason than we all just wanted to see it. Because I have been swamped since we got back these are all cell phone photos. I will do some blog posts about the full adventures just as soon as I get a chance to actually edit some photos for myself!


Monet’s water lilies


The reflection of my babies in Monet’s water lily pond at Giverney.


Neil & I at Giverney


It was raining the day we visited Giverney but I think it added to the beauty of the gardens. They were just spectacular. I could have stayed there all week.


My girl & I at Giverney


All of us outside Notre Dame


We took a river dinner cruise on the Seine (maybe with just a lil bit of wine…ha ha) and got all fancy dressed up for it.


After the dinner cruise


The catacombs were quite an adventure!


Devin & I at Chinon


Another view of Chinon


Nice is absolutely stunning. I had never been the Mediterranean Sea before. It was perfect.

It was more than I could have hoped for. We left Nice just 3 days before the Bastille Day attacks and we had talked about being there for Bastille Day but decided it would be huge crowds so we went earlier in June. It was a good decision as the truck started right where our hotel was on the main street. We surely would have been on the road during that time. But again I’m going to remember the amazing things we had the chance to do and see and the time I got to spend with my kids–connecting with them again. As they’re getting older and soon leaving the nest full time that was the best gift my aunt could have ever given me. And we were in France on her birthday, and the anniversary of her death, and we all took a moment to remember her and thank her for such a special gift.


Here are a few of my teaser favorites from my Class of 2017 seniors with full blogs coming soon once I find the chance to get them done!  I’ll be putting out sign ups about senior modeling for Class of 2018 (my son’s class…ugh I have to go through this again?!) after the new year, and if you’re interested in particular flowers or seasons get on my calendar NOW. I missed almost every game of my daughter’s college soccer debut year and I don’t want to miss them again next year so fall will be a bit more limited. Get on the calendar soon so we aren’t rushing to create the perfect experience and image for you! I love my clients way too much to rush it.


Caleb, William Monroe High School


Tyler, William Monroe High School


Tim, William Monroe High School


Skylar, William Monroe High School


Robert, William Monroe High School, along with Kyle one of three sets of twins I got to photograph this year.


Kyle, William Monroe High School, along with Robert one of three sets of twins I photographed this season.


Katie, William Monroe High School, on windiest day of the year.


Kam’Ron, William Monroe High School


Taylor, William Monroe High School, or a J Crew catalog


Sydney, Albemarle High School


Meagan, Madison County High School


Kristin, William Monroe High School


Kirsten, William Monroe High School


Karin, Albemarle High School


Bailee, Albemarle  High School


Ariana, William Monroe High School


Amanda, William Monroe High School braving the heat for the sunflowers


Celina, William Monroe High School and in beautiful fall colors


Austin, William Monroe High School wrestling


Alejandro, William Monroe High School along with his movie star looks


Haley, Louisa County High School headshots


Faith, William Monroe High School


Theo, William Monroe High School


My second Schuyler of the year, King George High School, and the daughter of a woman I’ve known for 30 years.


Olivia, William Monroe High School


Lindsay, William Monroe High School


Jake, Monticello High School


Ryan, Albemarle High School, and with Grace the second set of twins I photographed this season.


Grace, Albemarle High School, and with Ryan the second set of twins I photographed this year.


Michelle, William Monroe High School, along with Michael the third set of twins I photographed this year.


Michael, William Monroe High School, along with Michelle the third set of twins I photographed this year.


Anthony, William Monroe High School


Annelise, William Monroe High School with her beautiful smile


Andrea, Albemarle High School, who braved early morning and mist to have photos with flowers.


Allie, Albemarle High School and an avid reader (OH MY GOD THOSE EYES!)


Alissia, William Monroe High School, in a gorgeous outfit!


Adam, William Monroe High School posing in his “GQ” way


I photographed a wedding this year and it was magical. I love weddings. I LOVE everything about them, but because I know the workload required for photographing a wedding I take on very few each year. I love to do them, though, and this one was extra special because the groom is the son of a very dear friend and the bride is about the most perfect and wonderful woman I’ve met. I adore them both so much! They were married at Devil’s Backbone in Nelson County on one of the windiest days ever. At one point, Jenni’s veil was straight behind her but her smile radiated the entire time. She stuck it out for photos and never complained she was cold. These two have such a love for each other. It was beautiful.





The power of water {Mermaid Teen Photoshoot}

I’m awake really late editing sports photos and I thought I’d finally share my teen water photoshoot with Laura over the summer. The Robinson River in Madison County comes from the mountains and it’s always freezing. It was 115 degrees with the heat index the morning we shot and even though it was 8 a.m. the temperature was already 95 degrees. I was sweating IN the water.

Water is symbol of strength, power and transformation. It is patient and will work to wear sharp rocks down over centuries, crafting its path where it wants to go.

Laura is a strong young woman with a quiet confidence I believe stems from her swimming and diving talent. When I heard there would be a water challenge my thoughts went straight to her because when she’s within water she is strength, dignity and beauty.

When a mermaid is in water she’s all of those things, as well. Her power comes from the water itself. That’s what I think of when I think of Laura, when she’s in water she has a mermaid’s power.


Back to School Class of 2017 {Senior portraits}

It’s time for the students to head back to school so the Class of 2017 and I thought of a fun photoshoot to celebrate their last first day of school ever. Even though all the models couldn’t make it we still had fun! I’m booking so quickly for this fall and I love it! If you haven’t scheduled your senior portraits yet get in touch via email at or (434) 242-1281.

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