Schuyler Hudson {Class of 2017}

I have been sick and not just the kind of sick where it lingers and you’re OK to get stuff done but just not feeling your best. I have had one cold after another and they’re the kinds that knock you on your butt and you can’t get anything done. In fact, I lost my voice for 5 whole days. That’s never happened to me. But I’m feeling better now so I’m trying to play serious catch up with the photography responsibilities, get going on William Monroe High School Spring Sports action photos and my Greene County Record responsibilities. I hate being bored, and I’m obviously not.

Let me tell you a little about this beautiful young woman. I met her mother in 6th grade. For those wondering, that was 32 years ago for us (yep, I know I’m old as heck). Through turbulent high school, distance in college, going lots of time not seeing each other, through two divorces and three children between us, Christa and I manage to stay together. It’s like we’ve not been apart every time we get together. Social media helps us stay together, but honestly it’s like we’ve never left one another once we’re together again.

Schuyler was born on the day after my birthday, about 8 months after Juliet, and several weeks premature. Christa had a rough pregnancy, but Schuyler is a fighter and I still remember the day (I still have photos) that Juliet and I went to visit Schuyler once she had come home. Juliet looked like a giant next to her (btw my 5.11 daughter still looks like a giant next to her. HA!). But Schuyler was just such a precious little one and is such an amazing young woman now that I was honored to be asked to take her senior photos.

We met up here and though it was quite a HOT day we still had a fabulous time. I treasured the time with her and the entire time remembered her as a baby and her mother as a preteen. It was so special that even as I write this I get goose bumps. I can not love them more. Even more special for Schuyler was her grandmother was there, too, and we were able to get three generations of lovely ladies. ❤

Shout out to the Whitmarsh family who let us take some with their horse at the last minute as Schuyler loves horses!! And thank you to Fairhill Farm for allowing us to use the property for the backdrop.

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Sydney at Keswick Vineyards — beautiful girl in beautiful location

OMG I got to spend Labor Day weekend at Keswick Vineyards!! The house and grounds are absolutely BREATHTAKING!! But honestly I had the best time with Sydney and her mom. I’ve grown very close to her mom, Linda, and she’s one of the sweetest women I know. Sydney takes after her mom there. She has this easy smile and beautiful blue eyes. She’s smart and a good person! I felt like I won the lottery!! The owner of the vineyard was so gracious and funny and I just felt so blessed to be there with all these wonderful people.

Remember grumpy cat? Sydney can make the face of grumpy cat and it’s hilarious, especially considering how unlike grumpy cat Sydney is! She’s heading to a wonderful college in the fall and she’s going to rock it!

This was the first of two sessions for my senior model from Albemarle High School. We did a fall shoot, too, so watch for that one too!


Olivia, Softball Senior Session {Greene Virginia Senior Photography}

I am a softball girl. I say “am” because once you love a sport it stays with you forever. I played from the time I was 6 through high school. I played after college graduation in co-ed leagues. I love it. And so does Olivia! She plays third–my corner of the field–and I loved taking her softball session photos!

I love showcasing whatever hobby or sport is near and dear to a senior’s heart. This is something that takes up a huge part of his or her high school career and helps shape them into the person they become. It’s not too early to get on my calendar, especially for fall 2017 because that time of year fills up FAST! Email to get on the calendar.


Jenni & Cameron {Central Virginia Wedding Photography}

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! I had to share Jenni & Cam’s wedding today because the love was palpable and it was such a special day!

I don’t take on a lot of weddings in any given year but I do love weddings! This one was extra special because it’s the son of a VERY dear friend and I took his brother’s senior photos a couple years ago. It was a gorgeous day at Devil’s Backbone Brewery in Nelson County but VERY windy. It made for some fun outtakes and I adore that the couple hosted just really close family for the ceremony but friends came for the reception. Their friends even camped outside that night, apparently having a wonderful time!! While it was windy, and chilly, Jenni looked amazing for photos and never complained or looked cold. I swear she was just on cloud nine the whole time. And you couldn’t stop Cam from smiling once. It was a beautiful time ❤




Olivia, Country Girls Can Survive {Stanardsville Senior Portraits}

I’ve always loved the song “Country Boys Can Survive” by Hank Williams Jr., but always felt it left out the country girls. Olivia is definitely a country girl. Her property has these old buildings and I loved being there. The view of the mountains was breathtaking. I was completely in love.

However, we also visited a property in her family on another road and I was floored!! It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. These are properties that have been in her family for generations. The fact she has such deep roots here in Greene made her shoot extra special to me.

It was an overcast day, but I love me overcast shooting days, especially when we’re shooting in the hot part of the year here in Central Virginia. However at the end of her shoot the sun got below the clouds and we were blessed with a sunset more gorgeous than I’ve ever seen so we raced to a location to photograph her with it and I swear her presence and warm smile made it even more breathtaking. (Peep the orange stool before it went in the pond with Kristin.) Thank you Olivia for allowing me to be a part of this special time in your life!! ❤️

Still to come: Olivia’s softball session!!


Kristin, Class of 2017 {Virginia senior portraits}

Over share alert because narrowing down all the images of this beautiful, sweet young lady is impossible!! You can also see her basketball session. She is one tough athlete!

I have to tell you all what happened at this session!! There’s a photo of her on an orange stool. That’s the last photo that will ever be taken with that stool, too! I put it behind a tree but it rolled down a big hill into the pond. Her lovely sister Jess chased it but didn’t get there in time so after I rolled up my jeans, took off my shoes and waded into the pond, sinking into the mud. It was quite hilarious!!

Personally I cannot believe she’s graduating high school. She’s licensed as a nursing assistant and heading to school to study nursing. I can’t imagine she’ll be anything but a caring, thorough, hardworking nurse. She is smart and driven, a great daughter and friend. I’m so proud of the woman you’ve grown up to be and cannot wait to see all the future holds for you!! Still to come: soccer session! ❤️



Kristin Basketball Senior {Greene County Virginia Senior Night}

Tomorrow night is senior night for the girls basketball team at William Monroe High School, so I thought I’d share Kristin’s senior basketball session! I still cannot believe she’s a senior. I’ve watched her play soccer for just under a decade and can’t wait until her soccer session this spring!!

Many years ago I had the honor to take her older sister’s senior session, as well. I cannot wait to watch her senior night tomorrow. She’s a total beast on the court, a beautiful young woman, smart and funny and extremely caring as she studies to become a nurse. ❤




Anthony, Basketball Senior {Greene County Senior Photographer}

I think it’s pretty obvious I LOVE doing sports sessions with my senior clients. It’s so much fun and they can be creative and have fun with their sport which I know means the world to them. Tonight is the senior night for boy’s basketball. I was so thrilled to take Anthony’s senior portraits this year–and not JUST because he goes by Terry 😉 I love watching him dunk during the games and he has so much composure and spirit during the games. This young man is driven on and off the court and always on the sidelines of other sports rooting for his fellow student athletes. LOVE THAT. Keep doing what you’re doing, Terry. You’re going to set the world on fire!

Congratulations to you and your family for senior night! I can’t wait to show his regular session soon, as well!


Lindsay, basketball star {Virginia Senior Portraits}

Lindsay and I had a great time at her regular session in July but when rain canceled another senior session we went ahead and got her basketball session out of the way in August–well before basketball season. And it’s a good thing too because she’s already one of the busiest people I know! During the season there’s no chance we’d have the ability to get this in!

I really love taking sports sessions (or other hobbies) along with your regular sessions. I know these types of sessions help you tell your story of who you were in high school, which is one thing I think senior sessions should do!

Here’s to a great rest of season!


Taylor, Summer Model Session {Class of 2017}

Taylor is one of my senior models this year and rather than a regular session and themed session she’s decided to do one in every season. I love this idea! Now, of course, I’m one of the few sitting around praying for some decent snowfall for our fun winter session! It was close to a record-setting hot day for this session but Taylor is gorgeous. I swear she’s literally glowing. I know she cannot wait to graduate but I will miss her smile and the fun times we’ve had throughout her senior year. I can’t wait for winter and spring sessions! I’ll be showcasing her cheer session and her fall session in the coming days! ❤